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    • We are extremely pleased to collaborate on this project. These technologies will be a key asset in our fight against Covid-19 and to improve access and quality of care for patients across the country, says Dr Baabo Kubuya, Coordinator of the Management Unit of the Healthcare System Development Project (UG-PDSS)
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GE Healthcare partners with the Ministry of Health of the Democratic Republic of Congo to help efforts to fight COVID-19

GE Healthcare will equip 82 sites around the country with innovative mobile X-ray & ECG technology

GE Healthcare ( announces a partnership with the Ministry of Health of the Democratic Republic of Congo to deliver mobile X-ray units and ECG machines to help efforts to fight COVID-19. The essential medical equipment will play an important role in supporting the diagnosis and the management of COVID-19, in…

Source: GE |

GE Healthcare Launches New AI Suite to Detect Chest X-ray Abnormalities, Including Pneumonia Caused by COVID-19 & Tuberculosis

The AI suite quickly analyzes chest x-ray findings and flags abnormalities to radiologists for review, including pneumonia, which may be indicative of COVID-19

GE Healthcare ( continues to provide tools to support clinicians in today’s COVID-19 environment; Thoracic Care Suite harnesses the power of AI to scan for eight chest x-ray abnormalities, including pneumonia indicative of COVID-19 – a key cause of mortality in patients who contract coronavirus [1]; The AI suite, featuring…